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Coinarge is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links.

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How can you start making money with Coinarge? It's just 3 steps: create an account, create a link and post it - for every visit, you earn money. It's just that easy!

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What is URL shortening?

the ability used on the Internet and the service globally provided by different companies. The service is used in cases when it is necessary to have additional short URL to access a Web page.URL shortening helps to create shorter addresses. Twitter or IM programs even a 60-character URL may be too long.Currently, web developers often pass URL parameters to represent data hierarchies, command, the load path or session information. This is often reflected in the URL, making it difficult to understand and remember. The URL in which more than 100 characters, if you frequently copy can carelessness to be copied not completely, which makes the link broken. While the short URL is easy to copy in letters, e-mail or message on forums.Vanity URLS can be useful when reading aloud. Also, in recent years, a host of services that provide a short link composed entirely of Russian letters.Some services offer detailed information on appeals to the shortened link, while monitoring and collecting data on the countries-sources of traffic, HTTP referrers, browsers and operating systems visitors.URL shortening is a special kind of redirects that can be used to prank, phishing and hiding the source. For example, referrals to pornographic or malicious sites. In order to avoid falling into dangerous and unwanted resources exist online services for "deciphering" short link that allows you to see the original URL. Some of the sites providing the service for link shortening, began to filter all shorten links through services like Google Safe Browsing.

Story Url Shortener

The first most popular link shortening service TinyURL was launched in 2002, although the idea dates back to at least 2001. The popularity of TinyURL resulted in the creation of at least 100 similar websites. Initially Twitter automatically convert long URLS using TinyURL. Since 2009 has used a website Currently uses its own system In may 2009, in the area .tk, which previously was used to generate memorable domains via URL redirection, launched, which generates very short URLS, such as In November 2009 the short links was used by 2.1 billion times. At the same time and TinyURL were the most widely used URL shortening services. In 2010, Google introduced its link shortening service —, which immediately proved to be the most reliable and fast at the time. However, in some browsers, for example Mozilla, due to the heavy use of JavaScript this service may cause unexpected errors until you restart the browser [source not specified 1651]. A similar service launched developer of Yandex company In 2011 appeared the first link shortening service using the national symbols which allows you to do links like author orήλιος. The service supports all characters from a UTF8 table, with the exception of some special. The service allows you to make one page with a short link like (phone number), which will links to all the user accounts to simplify the transfer of contacts friends. In 2016 launched a new quick link shortening service with protection from possible spam. In 2017, the anarchist Mikhail digitalist Megabytes in free fight time created its service.

What is the url?

Pointer to host the site on the Internet. The URL contains the domain name and the path to the page including the file name of this page. Tim Berners-Lee (member of the European Council on nuclear military issues in Geneva) in 1990, invented the URL, which at that period was simply address file allocation on the system. Along with greater advantages (availability of navigation on the Internet) have the URL of the page, there is a disadvantage – it work only with Latin letters, numbers and some symbols. If you want to use, for example, the Cyrillic alphabet, then the URL needs to be encoded in a special way.Such encoding takes place in two steps: first converts each symbol into a sequence of two bytes, then each byte corresponds in hexadecimal.Search engines take into account the occurrence of key phrases in the URL. The greatest impact of joining the domain and subdomains, a lesser but still very meaningful value play entry into the path to the page and the file name of the page. Therefore, the Internet is actively developing the kind of earnings is called cybersquatting. Its essence lies in the registration of domain names at market value with the purpose of resale at an inflated price. Yandex recommends to the addresses of the pages informative. For example, can tell the crawler that this link is possible download price list in PDF format and, most likely, this page relevant for . But this does not mean that the quality of the website promotion is necessary to make all URLS in the form of a set of keywords, as this also can affect the results of the promotion. In addition, search engines can highlight the appropriate request URL for the page in the search results that naturally increases the CTR of a snippet in the search results. This in turn enables to increase traffic and improve behavioral factors.

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